June 29, 2023

Spring Snow Trails

It’s spring, and wildflower season is just a few short weeks away.  Until then, there’s still time to enjoy snow-packed trails through fun activities like snowshoeing. Countless trails throughout the valley offer access to some of the most stunning alpine scenery Colorado has to offer.  Whether beginner or experienced, there’s a trail for you. 

Locals love to start or end their days on trails like Haymaker, Redneck Ridge, Boneyard, and Vassar Meadows. For a more challenging adventure, head towards White River National Forest, home to West Brush Creek Trail, Sneve GulchMcKenzie GulchNolan Lake, Lake Charles, and Ironedge. These Trails are guaranteed to get your blood pumping. 

Siena Lake conveniently borders BLM land on both the south and east side of the property, a coveted perk that offers residents access just outside their door to federally maintained and protected trails. These trails stay open throughout the winter for countless activities, including snowshoeing. There are so many opportunities for adventures and fun when you call Siena Lake and the Vail Valley home.

Written By : admin
Date : 04/10/2023

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