June 29, 2023

What is BLM Land and why it matters to Siena Lake Residents

Siena Lake has the luxury of being bordered by BLM land on the east and south sides of the community, this creates instant access to thousands of acres of protected Colorado landscape just outside your door. “BLM” stands for “Bureau of Land Management” and is a federal program that protects and preserves Colorado’s most spectacular landscapes. Federal and state funding allows for the management of this gorgeous land for a variety of uses like recreation, energy development, and conservation.

Throughout the year, enjoy easy access to an endless supply of outdoor activities for all ages. In the spring, hike through the remaining snow as wildflowers spring up in patches of sun. During the summer, enjoy access to countless fishable, swimmable, and floatable streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. BLM land includes thousands of multiple-use trails, which you can hike, bike, ski, snowshoe, and cruise through 365 days a year.  This land does allow for camping, hunting, recreational shooting, and fishing during the appropriate seasons. 

When you buy a home in Siena Lake, you are buying in the heart of Colorado’s most coveted and desired landscape.

Written By : admin
Date : 04/28/2023

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