June 29, 2023

There is no Place Like Eagle County

Why are more and more people leaving the big cities and moving to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado…and more specifically the Vail/Beaver Creek resort areas? Largely because many outdoor enthusiasts have always wanted to live here, or at least have a second home here because of the beauty, the recreational opportunities, and much more. Eagle County actually stretches from Vail to Gypsum (and more) and is over a million acres, with a population of only about 55,000 total. The vast amounts (approximately 80%) of National Forest and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) public land assure the residents there will always be vast vistas and room to roam.

Whether you are a casual or hard-core mountain biker, there is no place like Eagle County. The riding is beautiful in and around the ski areas for the short summer, and in the lower Valley in the Eagle/Gypsum areas, there are several more months of riding. Or, ride year-round if you put on your fat snow tires and keep going!

Of course skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing are always a draw. With Vail just ranked second best ski area in the World, no more needs to be said about the mountain, trails, facilities, and complete experience.

Hiking is pretty much enjoyed by all. More and more people walk and/or hike for recreation and enjoyment, For the adventuresome, Colorado has 58 mountains that are over 14,000 feet high and are called the “14ers”. There are hundreds of trails throughout the Valley. Some newer subdivisions incorporate small parks and trail systems, such as Siena Lake in Gypsum, which has pocket parks, walking around their 7-acre lake as well as thousands of acres of public land directly adjacent to the East end of the development.

Many people are attracted to the beauty, clean air, streams and rivers, and very low crime rate. People are looking for some joy in their lives without worry in everyday living.

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Date : 11/12/2022

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